Licensing of medical products and services in Russia

UCEC «QUALITY» LLC provides professional legal assistance in obtaining a license for the production and maintenance of medical equipment, as well as for the performing medical services in Russian Federation.

License for medical practice in Russian Federation
Obtaining an authorization document that ensures admission to the implementation of a particular type of medical practice.
License for maintenance of medical equipment
Gives the right to carry out repair and restoration works in the field of medical equipment by an entrepreneur or a company.
License for the production of medical equipment
It implies obtaining a permit for the production of equipment, instruments and other medical products.

Our company employs high professionals who have extensive experience in the field of competent drafting of documents and provide legal assistance in obtaining of all types of medical licensing.

Manufacture of medical equipment
Maintenance of medical equipment
License for medical activities

Licensing of medical equipment

The decision on the production of medical equipment or starting a medical practice must be supported by compliance with the law. For example, initially you need to get a license that will give you a legal right to provide medical services or carry out repair and restoration work with medical equipment in the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the requirements of Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, to obtain this permission, you must provide a package of documents that confirm that the conditions established by law are observed in your company.

UCEC «QUALITY» LLC provides competent support in the field of issuing licenses for the starting of medical practice and the production of medical products.

The procedure for obtaining a license for medical practice or the maintenance of medical equipment

To obtain a document that entitles you to provide medical services, as well as the manufacture and repair of medical devices, you must go through a long and complicated procedure. However, you can start independent work in the medical field only after issuing a license by Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare in Russian Federation.

The company can successfully pass the licensing process if the following conditions are met: premises of the enterprise must meet the sanitary and fire safety rules, the personnel must have a solid working experience and proper qualification. Also, the necessary requirement is the provision of special equipment and tools, and the availability of a full package of documents required for licensing purposes.

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