Certification and declaration of products in Russian Federation

We offer you quality services related to certification and declaration of goods in Russia. Our company is famous for its impeccable reputation and provides flexible conditions with every client.

Declaration of conformity for dietary supplements
This document proves the high safety and suitability of biologically active supliments for users.
Certification of perfumery and cosmetics
This procedure ensures that perfumes and cosmetics meet safety and quality standards for Russian market.
Execution of a rejection letter of certification
This is an official document, which indicates that there is no need for mandatory state registration of the goods.
Declaration of conformity for products
Important for all market participants is a document confirming the quality of goods and the applicant's compliance with the requirements of GOST
Cer. of conformity for products and services
Sets whether the products meet the specified standards, and gives the right to its implementation in the territory of the Eurasian Customs Union.
Certification of medical devices in Russia
The procedure allows you to find out whether the medical products/devices meet the federal standards of GOST Russia.

UCEC «QUALITY» LLC employs highly qualified employees who conduct all the necessary laboratory tests within the operational timeframe and provide competent support in the preparation of permits in the framework of legislation.

Медицинские изделий
Сертификат соответствия
Декларация соответствия
Оформление отказного письма
Парфюмерно-кос. средства
Certification of products in the Russian Federation

The procedure for declaring goods allows us to confirm their quality and gives a legal right to sell products in Russian Federation.

To obtain a certificate, it is necessary to submit an application to the appropriate authorities, as well as provide a full description of the technical parameters, the lease of production facilities and the contract for the supply of imported goods.

We offer prompt assistance in conducting laboratory studies and drawing up all the necessary documentation.

You require services for certification of products in the Russian Federation?

The declaration procedure is quite complex and requires the artist high professional knowledge and skills. The specialists of UCEC «QUALITY» LLC are ready to conduct all necessary tests and make accompanying documentation at a high level.

Having an impressive experience behind and deep knowledge in the field of product certification, we are ready to provide you with the following advantages:

  • The shortest possible time for conducting research and issuing a certificate;
  • Possibility to get detailed advice on all issues of interest;
  • Turning to us, you can count on a flexible system of discounts;
  • Getting a qualitative and correct result.
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